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9.08 Member Referral Process


Member Referral is provided as a method by which uncooperative members may be asked not to re-sign at the end of the current contract. This may occur as the result of House action or a Desk Referral.


At a quorum meeting of a co-op, a member may come up for referral by a House vote with a majority of those present. The member being put on referral must be notified in writing one week before the meeting at which the referral issue will be discussed. Any member may bring the issue to the House for consideration.


In the case that a member has exhibited continued problems, which may include uncooperative behavior (see A Co-oper’s Rights and Responsibilities), non-payment, or non-work, any of the following individuals may issue a Desk Referral: the Member Services Coordinator, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Education, or Executive Director. Should a staff member make the Desk Referral, it must have the support of the Vice President of Membership or the Vice President of Education.


If a member is placed on referral, a letter of explanation of the problem must be written by the individual or House issuing the referral and a copy needs to be sent to the member involved in the referral. A copy of the referral will be placed in the member’s file.

9.08.04 – REPORTS

The member on referral will not be allowed to sign another contract until the House has re-approved the member with a House vote of simple majority. In the case that a Desk Referral is issued, the member must be re-approved by the Membership Committee.


If a member on referral is not re-approved, then the person will not be allowed to sign a contract with the SHC. The knowledge of a member’s referral status and the written description of the problem would be passed on to other Houses if the member applies elsewhere within the co-op system.

9.03.06 – APPEAL

The party claiming to be aggrieved by a final decision of the House may appeal to the Membership Committee within 14 days of the date of the House vote or Desk Referral, or the date the House or office informs the member of the decision by means of a written notice.

During an appeal, the person making the appeal as well as a representative of the House (preferably a House officer) must be given a chance to speak before the Membership Committee. After discussion of the issue, and a report from the House has been read, a majority vote of the Membership Officers present is required to reverse the decision. Officers must be present to vote.

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