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Title 7: Community Relations

7.10 Community Grants


Money will be made available through the Board Restricted budget line, on a grant basis, to Houses wishing to independently undertake a project to improve the general community outside the reach of their normal community involvement.

  1. a. Each House will be allocated a maximum of $300 for the entire year, to be used on an as-needed basis.
    1. i. In the event that grants requested exceed the funds allocated in the Board Restricted budget line, the Board may allocate additional funds from Operating Reserves, as needed.
  1. b. The Membership Officer and Education Officer for each House will be responsible in facilitating the House’s decision on community involvement event.
  1. c. The Vice President of Education and Vice President of Membership will be responsible for facilitating their respective committee officers in the decision and completion of community involvement event.
    1. i. The event shall not be mandatory.


Applications will be considered continually throughout the entire school year.

  1. a. Member and/or House decide on a project.
  1. b. House must approve the project by a two-thirds vote of its entire membership.
  1. c. Member and/or House fill out grant program form.
  1. d. Member and/or House must present the project in person at the next Board of Directors meeting for consideration. Barring any conflicts, the money will be disbursed in accordance with the chosen estimate.
  1. e. The project must be completed by date specified.


  1. a. Houses must obtain receipts for all purchases based on the Community Grant and must turn those receipts into the Corporate Treasurer within one (1) week after the event’s completion.
  1. b. Community events will be publicized in the next Pine Press, in a short write up by the Visionary Committee.
  1. c. In the event of falsification or misuse of funds, a one-year ban from use of Community Grant funds will go in effect until the end of the school year.


Houses must collect their grant money within six weeks of its allocation or the money will be recycled into the Drain Fund.

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