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9.01 A Co-oper’s Rights and Responsibilities


A member’s rights and responsibilities are as follows:

Rights Responsibilities

To live in a democratically-managed House under the auspices of a democratically-run organization.

  • To regularly participate in House Meetings.
  • To participate in the governing of the the SHC (either directly or through elected House Officers).
  • To read all communications from the House and SHC.

To live in a room and House which are safe and secure.

  • To abide by all House and SHC security measures.
  • To lock doors and windows.
  • To monitor all guests.
  • To respect the property and privacy of others.
  • To refrain from illegal activity.

To live in a room and House which are clean sanitary, and in good repair.

  • To share in whatever work is required to keep the room and House clean, sanitary, and in good repair.
  • To communicate with the House and SHC when such work is needed.

To live in a House that is free from abuse, harassment, and prejudicial behavior of any kind.

  • To refrain from any actions that would discriminate against, harass, or abuse another member.
  • To refrain from any actions that would cause physical, emotional, or psychological harm.

To privacy in their own room.

  • To respect the privacy and personal space of others.

To access all House and SHC rules, policies, and financial records.

  • To pay all House and SHC charges; and work to become familiar with the SHC Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Code of Operations, contracts and House Constitutions.

To a balanced and fair dispute resolution process.

  • To work proactively to resolve disputes in a forthright, peaceful, and civil manner—beginning at the House-level whenever possible and appropriate.

To competent House and Executive Officers.

  • To communicate and cooperate with House and Executive Officers in the execution of their duties.
  • To hold Officers accountable and provide constructive feedback.

To voice opinions; to be heard and listened to.
To improve and change the House and the SHC.
To critique problems in the House or SHC.

  • To hear and listen to others.
  • To be open to other members’ ideas.
  • To work for creative solutions to problems.

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