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The goal of this section is to include our Houses in the everyday workings of the SHC office, so that they may be better acquainted with cooperative principles in action and we as a cooperative may require less paid work.


Below is a table outlining the number of hours of labor each House must contribute to the office. The formula is Floor[# of Assessments/6].

House # of Members # of hours per week
415 Ann St. 5 0
425 Ann St. 15 2
140 Collingwood Dr. 15 2
146 Collingwood Dr. 9 1
152 Collingwood Dr. 6 1
420 Evergreen Ave. 12 2
415 M.A.C. 24 3
501 M.A.C. 24 3
505 M.A.C. 23 3
525 M.A.C. 10 1
236 N. Harrison 20 3
239 Oakhill 29 4
711 W. Grand River Ave. 21 3
427 W. Hillsdale St. 8 0
127 Whitehills Dr. 19 3


Office Labor shall be under the direction of the Executive Director and Member Services Coordinator, and undertake tasks such as running errands, filing, and copying, or other particular tasks as requested.


Paid labor cannot count toward office labor hours. It is also mutually and expressly understood that office labor hours are voluntary and assigned by each house, and that members are not entitled to nor expect any present or future salary, wages, or other benefits for these voluntary services.


The Executive Committee shall not fail to have in place a policy for fining missed office labor hours and a House in the case they fail to notify the Office of their office laborer(s).

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